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Welcome to the website of the "Bilans" Accounting Office, which is a licensed office operating since 1999.

The formal basis of our business activity is the Authorisation of the Minister of Finance No. 24796/01. We provide comprehensive accounting, tax and HR services for business entities of various business profiles and legal forms.

The quality of our services is at the highest levelHere are the VALUES we are targeting


    The greatest advantages of our office are the long and considerable experience, high standards and the quality of services, and educated employees who never cease to upgrade their skills and qualifications. Thanks to that, we can guarantee that the actions we undertake are formally correct and scrupulous, and we are able to represent our Partners before Offices, Revenue Boards, Social Insurance Institution and financial institutions.


    Our services include online bookkeeping provided in cooperation with Taxxo company. It is the most modern online bookkeeping system.


    The client is at the top of our priorities. The cooperation is based on partnership and a proper understanding of the specificity of our client's business activity. Therefore, we can organise the work and adjust solutions in such a way as to meet the client's requirements.

    The strengths of the "Bilans" Accounting Office are reliability, the highest level of professionalism and affordable prices.

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Beata Romaniuk-Boruta - zdjęcie profilowe

Beata Romaniuk

Dyrektor Naczelny - Główna Księgowa

We believe that the stronger our clients are, the stronger we become. For this reason, it is natural for us to care for our Partners’ interests and financial condition.

  •  zdjęcie profilowe - Paweł Romaniuk

    Paweł Romaniuk zastępca Głównego Księgowego - Członek Zarządu

    +48 792 088 088

  •  zdjęcie profilowe - Justyna Romaniuk

    Justyna Romaniuk Kierownik Działu Kadry Płace - Członek Zarządu

  •  zdjęcie profilowe - Magdalena Goińska-Balcer

    Magdalena Goińska-Balcer Księgowa

    +48 790 308 329

  •  zdjęcie profilowe - Marta Lesiak

    Marta Lesiak

    +48 731 838 066

  • Alicja Zapolska
    Asystentka księgowej

    +48 668 630 110

  • Karolina Nowak

    +48 668 638 110

  •  zdjęcie profilowe - Justyna Skuza

    Justyna Skuza Księgowa

    +48 537 933 950

  • Anna Kałwa
    Specjalista d.s Kadr i Płac

    +48 730 720 719